Learning Cloud 013: How to analyze your AWS monthly bill.

Welcome to the 13th episode of the Learning Cloud podcast. The place for all things Cloud and DevOps.  My name is Raf Calderon and I’LL be your host.

In today’s show I want to talk about how to analyze your AWS account balance.

  • Amazing service.  All the things you can do.
    • Start a Compute instance
    • Deploy resources in different continents
    • Deploy your own WordPress website.
    • but this is not free.

But it’s not free. Your AWS account is linked to your credit card.

So you need to keep watch of your what resources you consume, especially if your account is a personal account for learning purpose.

In AWS you’re paying for infrastructure resources as an utility so you have to watch how much you’re consuming.


  • Console -> Account Name -> My billing Dashboard
    • Here you can see your monthly balance
    • It displays a break down per resource.
    • It doesn’t show you what the break down per day.


  • My billing Dashboard -> Cost Explorer
    • select Monthly cost by service
      • Select ‘Day’ to view daily balance.  This will show you the service
      • Specify the Time Range: Last 7 days.
      • This gives you a very detail view.  Even if you’re paying 25c per day this will add up.


My EC2 charge was high but my instance was stopped.  but why cause my EC2 instance was stopped.  Ahh, I found a running instance in another AZ

Found RDS Snapshot