Learning Cloud 012: Identifying all your AWS resources

Welcome to the 12th episode of the Learning Cloud podcast. The place for all things Cloud and DevOps.  My name is Raf Calderon and Il’ be your host.

In today’s show I want to talk about how to identify all the resources you have configured in your AWS account.


  • Why this is important?
    • Helps in tracking your costs.
    • AWS offers offers you PAAS .  You consume resources as an utility.  Instead of paying for one big annual hosting contract, you pay piecemeal for individual resources.
    • You pay for the size of the resource, and the number of resources.
  • Why is it challenging to do?  You only see the resources within a region.
  • We’ll do this using the tag editor function.
  • What are tags?  Tags are metadata on a resource.  Tags enable you to categorize your AWS resources in different ways, for example, by purpose, owner, or environment. This is useful when you have many resources of the same type — you can quickly identify a specific resource based on the tags you’ve assigned to it.  Each tag consists of a key and an optional value both of which you define.
  • Process
    • Open tag editor: Console -> Resource Groups -> Tag editor
    • Filter regions: select all
    • Filter resource types: select all
    • Find resources
    • Sort by Resource Type:


Remember to sign up for the live stream of AWS Reinvent.  The keynote event is on Tuesday Nov 29.

That’s it for today.  As always remember that “If you’re not willing to learn no one can help you, but if you’re determined to learn no one can stop you“.



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