Learning Cloud 001: Introduction


Well Hi there and welcome to the very first episode of the Learning Cloud Podcast.

My name is Raf Calderon and I’ll be your host.  I’m very excited to be starting this Podcast.

I’ve wanted to start it for a while and now finally things have fallen into place, the time opened in my schedule and here I’m recording the first episode.

Pupose for show:

So let me tell you what this Podcast will be about.  I want to use this show

  • To discuss topics related to AWS and DevOps
  • Discuss industry trends
  • Interview leaders in the field
  • Teach the things I’m learning at work or during my own study time.
  • One of my main motivators a motive for starting this show is To help you grow your career in IT specifically if you’re an  admin or architect responsible for implementing and operating AWS and Linux.  I’m honest about this and don’t mean it in a patronizing way.  I’m not an expert at all the topics we’re going to discuss here but I know enough to be dangerous as they say.  I know enough help guide a new engineer in this field.  Not just in knowing the technologies but how to grow and develop your career in an Enterprise.  And some of these things will be from my own achievements and also my shortcomings.
  • IT is such a lucrative field to be in.  The average person doesn’t know how rewarding this field can be both financially and personally through the contacts you’ll make.  There are so many opportunities to learn different technologies.  But one thing I’ve found missing is passion and guidance.  I hope to fill this void in part.



  • Over 16 yrs in the IT industry.
  • My role has been primarily a Unix admin but in this role I’ve worked on many different technologies
    • Solaris
    • Linux has become my main OS
    • Data Center administration
    • Storage Admin EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, Brocade
    • Veritas Foundation products
    • Developer, Perl
    • Backup admin
    • Project management
    • Automation Chef and Puppet in a Continuous Deliver Continuous integration environment


This is my background so the things that I’ll be sharing are from personal experience.  I want to share the things I’ve learned and to fill knowledge gaps in my own life.


Mention CASB

This is my second podcast.  My other Podcast is called CASB and there I talk about entrepreneruship and personal development.  Especially how to create online businesses.  So I recommend you listen to that show as well if you’re interested in taking your skills in IT to create your own business.  So that’s a plug for CASB and you can listen to it if you so choose.


Learning/ Motto

Now the motto for this show, the Learning Cloud Podcast, is Constant Learning”;   Learning is a lifelong process.  When you work in IT you work in a knowledge based industry.  Really this applies to life in general but it’s very important in Information Technology.  In this industry if you stop learning your value will diminish and eventually people won’t want to hire you.  But if you do keep learning you’ll always be marketable and I believe you’ll be happier.



I hope that you find this introduction interesting enough to keep listening.  My plan is to put out a new episode a week.  Please do check out the website as well for postings and tutorials.  That is http://learningcloud.tech

And I’ll close with this quote from Zik Zigglar.

“If you’re not willing to learn no one can help you, if you’re determined to learn no one can stop you.”

By bye, and until next time.



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